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Functional diagnostics enables the highest degree of precision and fit accuracy.
Work is system-oriented, establishing the preconditions for highest-fidelity model making..

Advantages in detail Adjustment that's "fit for purpose"
- Rapid fixation of the cranium/axis relationship via a slide screening
- CORSOFIX® S: can be combined with the Axiomatic® facebow from SAM®
- Graduated scale to determine the intercondylar distance
- Lightweight, compact aluminium construction for improved handling
- Reduction of finishing time at chairside by direct transfer of real jaw position to the articulator
- For use with the reference planes "Frankfurt Horizontal" and "Camper's Plane"
- Secure centric quick lock for both joint supports
- Continuous, precise adjustment of the facebow using the thumbwheel
- CORSOFIX® A: can be combined with the Rotofix® facebow and the Artex® joint support from AmmanGirrbach
- Thanks to the continuously adjustable setting system, the earbuds can be easily extended and retracted

In detail
Graduated scale
Thumbwheel with S adapter
Thumbwheel with A adapter
Sockets for the two joint supports


Joint support

Adjustment that's "fit for purpose"
The new CORSOFIX® A & S facebows from Mälzer Dental offer a simple yet anatomically precise way of determining the cranium/axis relationship for the reference planes "Frankfurt Horizontal" (used by SAM®) and "Camper's Plane" (used by AmannGirrbach). It's also a simple matter to fix existing joint supports/bite fork holders to the CORSOFIX® facebow – and vice versa.
The new CORSOFIX® series is not a conventional scissor bow, and this makes chairside work much more comfortable. The centric quick lock enables straightforward, rapid and yet highly precise handling, in a way that is comfortable for all concerned.

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