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The new NON-ARCON series of CORSOART® articulator has the appealing feature of 100% design compatibility with articulators manufactured by AmannGirrbach and SAM®.

In detail More than an articulator
- Full compatibility in terms of form factor, reference planes and Bonwill's triangle with a side length of 110 mm
- Rapid Bonwill's triangle determination via quick-click
in anterior guide pin holder
- Precise and stable thanks to its all-metal aluminium construction
- Synchronisation via ADESSOSPLIT® or Splitex®
- Adjustable Bennett's angle and condylar path

- Personalisation of removable plate by laser marking
- Centric quick lock

- Offers good value for money
- Easy to handle due to low net weight of less than 650 g

In detail
md_marke_corsoart_imdetail2_02 md_marke_corsoart_imdetail2_03

Centric quick lock & Immediate Side Shift function (ISS)
Fully adjustable condyle of the CORSOART® BKR

md_marke_corsoart_imdetail2_05 md_marke_corsoart_imdetail2_06 md_marke_corsoart_imdetail2_07

Individual, laser-based articulator personalisation
45° tilt support Bennett/condylar adjustment Centric quick lock of the CORSOART® BKR

More than an articulator
Compatible, precise and reliable: those were the design goals of Mälzer Dental's new series of CORSOART® articulators.
Stringent requirements and 100% compatibility with the articulator series manufactured by AmannGirrbach and SAM® were the guiding principles followed during development work. The result: the new CORSOART® articulators ? lightweight, precise and easy to use.
Precision in motion ? a pioneering approach to form, function and stability!

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